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Hemp Products

Hemp Tack

Equest Supply™ Equestrian tack incorporates Hemp in a classic western look from Saddle Blankets, Bosal, Headstalls,  Reins Sets,Halters, Lead Ropes, Cinches Saddle Bags & Trail Accessories. We're dedicated to offering superior Hemp tack for your horses.


Hemp Horse Bedding

Your horse depends upon you for comfort and safety, at Equest Supply™, we're dedicated to offering superior hemp bedding for horses. There are many varieties of horse stall bedding on the market but Hemp Bedding takes the lead when considering which type of horse bedding to use. 


We've devoted a great deal of time to research and development, and found that Hemp Bedding far exceeds that of other animal bedding.


Hemp is Very Absorbent

Hemp animal bedding is made from the soft core of the Hemp plant, producing very soft, warm bedding that absorbs four times its weight. This increase in absorbency will keep your horses drier longer than pine shavings!


Hemp Curtails Ammonia Odors in Horse Stalls

When Hemp bedding is used, urine is quicklt absorbed, keeping the stall clean and dry. Odors become trapped under the surface, reducing ammonia and other odors much better than wood shavings. Reducing odor helps control flies and makes a more pleasing environment for you and your horses.


Hemp Is Cost Economically Effective

Hemp horse bedding lasts longer. Stalls won’t need to be mucked out as often. You and your pocketbook will benefit from less labor. Transport, maintenance and storage costs are reduced when using Hemp horse bedding. Clean living areas are essential to great horse care and using Hemp bedding reduces related costs. When you choose Hemp Bedding for horses you are also csupporting American Hemp Farmers.


Hemp Is Eco Friendly

Not only does Hemp compost twice as fast as wood chips and sawdust, it produces four times as much pulp as wood per acre. Purchasing Hemp products support a growing industry that has a positive effect on our environment and our economy.


Hemp Supplements

Equest Supply™ Supplements range from our Equest Feed™ brand feed pellets to support joint health, Hemp Seed Oil to provide a balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 plus vitamin E, A and GLA. Our products contain ZERO CBD or THC.